Glow in the Dark Table for Edgy Parties

We all know that black lights and other items that glow in the dark make for an environment that is fun and edgy.

If you are interested in doing woodwork this glow table by Mike Warren would make a great and exciting new project.

This article will walk you through each step of building a table which emits a soft glow after being exposed to UV light.

Depending on exposure to UV light, the table should glow for around 20 minutes.

You will only need three materials: the Pecky Cypress wood from which you will make the table itself, blue glow in the dark powder, and clear casting resin.

This type of wood is perfect for this project because you can fill the pockets with glow powder and resin.

Mike Warren explains how to cut, sand, and prep the wood, and then how to apply the resin and glow powder.

Instructions are step-by-step and clear.

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